The Myth of Traveling: Speed Mails


This was captured 12 hours after I posted a speed mail back to the states.

Well, here’s the story: I decided to re-take my public exam after a regretful (as they called it) failure in maths and a not-so-excited level 5 in English (equal to an A I suppose) and also preparing SAT exam for applying SUA (a liberal arts college in California) in the meantime. As the college require any education received outside US have to send an organization called IERF (International Education Research Foundation) for conversion and reporting, I sent out my transcripts and diploma in speed post and hopefully this can minimize the delivery time.

I woke up extremely early in the morning, feeling bloody nervous as hell, triple checked every single pieces of documents, while I secretly hope I can skip all this process and go straight to college instead. When I got down to the post office, there was already a line of people waiting to get in.

Long story short, I finished all of my posting process within 15 minutes (with a very detailed international mailing form, an attentive and nice post officer and one extremely nervous dumbass, afraid the postman can’t read her handwriting or the mail will be lost etc) When I have paid my postage and the officer help me to final check all of my stuff, gives me back a receipt and tell me I can track my mail and it will arrive on Wednesday, I go back home with relief.

Later on that morning, I typed in the code while I was having breakfast. I couldn’t help but to put myself as my mail. What does it feel like to be like speed mail, posted on Monday from somewhere across the globe and arrive two days later to its destination.

Of course, thanks to global communication advancement, this is truly accessible, if you are willing to pay. But, what if there’s an accident during the flight or there’s something happened in the custom declaration? My mail can be lost anytime and anywhere. You can’t guarantee everything will be turn out safe and sound and secured the mail will be arrive exactly as planned.

I couldn’t stop checking my phone, seeing the tracking status went from “posted and being processed” to “Your item have left to its destination”. I felt relieved and worried at the same time. Contradicting emotions started to fill up my heart and questions popping into my head: Did I really put exactly everything I need in the packet? Did I write everything clear on the form? Would it arrive smoothly and not affected by other stuffs?

All I have was questions, questions and questions about the delivery process. As time goes by (actually it’s was just late afternoon), I started to think about how about regular air-mail? (The average process time of regular mail is a week while speed mail is 2-3 Days) The chance of getting lost of an international mail is the same, no matter you are going under speed mail (golden rule: more expensive, more privileged), it depends of the officer who was responsible for sorting and checking mails. If he is doing his job, then you are lucky. If something happened on the way or he’s not doing his thing, then you are screwed.

I realized worrying isn’t helping at all, the plane has flew and this is one fact I can’t change. I wondered what kinds of mail will my mail meet on the plane? Would my mail got wet or broken by any chance?

After all the questions and doubts and whatever that is I was having, I come into a conclusion or the core question. Can I trust everything will be fine without the security of insurance?

(The only reason you are overthinking this is because you totally forget about buying insurance)


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