Routine Development: Predictability and Excitement

Nothing is better for me to start off today’s topic with exposing my personal stuff to the entire internet: my routine and my failure in consistency.

Here’s my summer routine:
. Wake Up at 8
. Stay in bed doing nothing til 11
. Brunch
. Watching Girls and The Big Bang Theory on my laptop
. Reading and writing
. Sunset runs (running on and off on a slope)
. Dinner
. TV
. Late night writing
. Sleep
Very pointless, right?

Here’s my present routine:
. Wake up at 9
. Fall asleep again
. Wake up at 11
. Brunch
. Mediation
. Studying, studying and studying
. Playing with my phone
. Studying
. Dozing off on the desk
. Cooking dinner like a master chef
. Sampling dinner like a gourmet with a notebook on hand
. TV
. Mediation
. Reading fanfics
. Writing
. Sleep
Oh, I forgot what do I live for?

Do you see the difference between this two, or based on the principle of “too long didn’t read”, you haven’t read anything above. Well most of the time, it’s the latter that matters.
Frankly, the point is I have came to a realization that my life have filled with “temporarily consistency” rather than actual consistency.

I wake up, then fall back to sleep, then fulfilling the basic needs of being a human, or should I say homo sapien. You can obviously tell what will I do next just by common sense. To be honest, routine is all about predictability. You start doing something for a long time. From time to time, you started to see it as a habit. People around you can easily recognized your behavior is in a specific yet repeated cycle, they are asking questions like “Aren’t you need to _____ in __ o’clock?”, and that we call it predictability. The thing is, you will need a habit in order to have predictability and developing a habit needs consistency, which I realized I actually don’t have the ability to do so.

Speaking of consistency, the first word that comes to me is always DEDICATION. You need to be dedicated in doing something which you like in order to develop it into a habit, and it takes time and space. I have tried involving sports in my routine and turns out I have completely forgot about it after summer. I have also involved watching sitcoms in my routine since late spring and I am still patiently sit in front of my laptop every Friday now. Watching television shows is now a part of my routine. If I am able to make it as a part of my habit, why the fxxk I can’t make it in sports?

Some may say it’s because you didn’t put enormous amount of efforts in sports or you don’t even take it very seriously. Maybe they are right, idk. When I recall the first thing why I want to exercise, it’s because I accidentally saw the fact that people think you are cooler when you told them you do sports (please don’t judge me), then I go down to the mall and bought a new swimsuit and dug out all the running stuff and started on every sunset in my summer.

Life is made up by a series of accidents, and so does the disruption of routine development. My goal is to keep running for at least a month, then I will continue if I am able to. Yeah, I did it for 2 months sort of. Then, shit happens: Family obligations you can’t refuse, injuries you can’t avoid blah blah blah. Seems like excuses, but somehow it’s true. When you are on the road to make it as a habit, accidents will pop out to shift your attention into something else and you will neglect what you are doing at the moment. I have fallen into this and congrats, I have successfully epic failed in the task of keeping consistent.

On the other hand (left or right?), excitement often against the idea of routine. To be more specific, it should be the excitement of unpredictability that opposed to routine. In one word, SURPRISE! When you start “un-plan” your daily life and let it follow the flow, you might find excitement. The excitement of a change, excitement of a surprise party etc. You can find excitement in your life, if you are willing to let go.

Well, it depends.

Reality tells us you don’t get it quite often. Instead of, you get emptiness. Emptiness appears in your life when excitement make a surprise leave and you don’t have routine to support your daily life. I guess the point is, the key to a better life is learning how to balance predictability and unpredictability. You need to have a routine, have a habit, but it is also ok to change a favor, to try new stuff.

(Try eating the same thing two weeks in a row for breakfast and lunch, you will know the essence of predictability and the desire of wanting a change)

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