Throwback (V) Friday: A Recap (1)

So, a lot have happened since the last post:

Recap 1:
1. Lunar New Year stuff
2. Choir group concert

Recap 2:
3. A semi blind date (?)
4. Reading/Movies
5. Emotional Breakdown (sort of?)

1. Lunar New Year


Jan 31 – Feb 4: Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year. According to traditions, us Chinese have to get many things done in a short period of time: festive flowers and decorations (in which it is a competition of who can get the freshest flowers fastest or a test of making a miracle out of ruined flowers), reunion dinner (also a very fierce competition of groceries shopping and hours inside the kitchen, creating endless endless turnip cakes (cantonese: law bark go) and rice cakes (cantonese: lin go) for gifts and also preparing a more than a full dinner with 10+ family members all by mum (incl. abalone vegetable stew, roast pork n chicken, seafood, mushroom stew etc). Forgot to mention one thing: buying gift sets. They are mostly sweets, sauces or cookies. Personally, I like this part of traditions as it ensures you have more than enough snacks to eat in the future. (Except you got 2 same large blue boxes of cookies made in somewhere in Northern Europe(?)

Apart of decorations and food, the main part of CNY is to wear new clothes and visit family members and get red packets (ahha). Traditionally, the “CNY Colour” is red and gold, but this year I choose black. No reason, I just look stupid in red and gold. I can post the sweater I (newly) bought to here if the time is right.

Visiting family elders: Another CNY tradition is all family members have to pay a visit to the elders (ma super cool grandparents) and this year is no exception. Before we can step inside the elder’s flat, we have to say a bunch of lines like “Wishing you a healthy and prosperous Year of Horse” etc. Then everything is just like another regular family reunion: mom and aunt busy in the kitchen, dad and cousin on their tablets, uncle on his newspaper and me chatting with ma grands.

Red packets: HELL YEAH!!!! True tho, it is one of my times to actually earn a few bucks, so YAY! After years of going through this, I realized the essences of getting red packets, it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s all about quality. Even though you have tons of red packets, there’s no use of that if you found out there are lots of $10 (well ten dollars in HK can’t buy much tho) instead of $100. On the other side, if you have less family members but they give you rather “big” red packets (cantonese: lai see). That might actually better than the previous. (Of course, it’s another story if you are in a wealthy family with many members and they give you big lai see).

Despite of all CNY stuff, the true meaning of celebrate CNY is to celebrate families getting together and cherish our moment to be with each other (sounds cliche, but it’s true) You learn something new everyday 🙂


2. Choir group concert

Feb 9: finished a concert called Victory Concert with my choir group ladies and the fife-corp and dance counterpart. I am a part of the opening act as R.Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly number and also a mezzo-soprano in a few regular numbers.

Let see, am gonna try Bridget’s writing style for once (?)

6 ish am – Waking up: I dun wanna go out, lemme stay in bed 4ever! SO BLOODY DAMN COLD and is it raining? cant find umbrella, it must be somewhere inside my backpack.

7:00-7:45 am – Commute via subway: Why the hell the train is full of people this time? It is Sunday morning, for god’s sake!

8 am – Breakfast with Hilary: No, it’s not Tiffany. It is HILARY. Tho she is as gorgeous as Audrey Hepburn in the actual movie: Tall, lean, beautiful, funny and smart all in one package. Eh whatever. Oh yes, traditional Malaysian toast w/ coffee, what a wonderful start of a day!

8:30 am: Last minute arrival to the performance venue. Shit, seems like everyone is already dressed. Ah, what a relief! Found am already wearing the official t-shirt inside my coats.

8:45 am: Rushed to the dressing room to settle down my bags. Found out have been accidentally put something heavy (aka my wallet) on the silk dress uniform and it got a little bit wrinkled. Am gonna hang this up and see how it can be fixed later.

9 am: Briefing – Where’s Hil?

9:30 am: Back to the dressing room – Ooh, where’s my camera? Am gonna record this meaningful event with my keen eyes behind the camera in monochrome style.

9:5o am: Final rehearsal – Feel like am a professional singer, bringing the audience a profound experience with my jazzy (?) voice. Back up vocal of I Believe I can Fly with Sophie, we killed it!

10 am: Fin rehearsal – Consecutively 2 songs in a roll in different places. Well, luckily the places in 2 songs are quite similar. Not much to worry about

10:30 am: Fin rehearsal – A Cappella is not the problem, the problem is have to be the first to go up on stage. Oh god why?

10:45 am: Finally got time to go back to the dressing room. They have a steam iron in the room, ah YES!

10:50 am: Dressing room- Chatting with Britney and Hil. Taking photos everywhere

11:00 am: Have been called out for make-up, hopefully they won’t turn me into a ghost with paints on.

11:05 am: Asked to leave v. politely by the make-up ladies w/ Hilary, said “You galaxy girls can do this later!”

11:15 am: Early lunch time – Fried rice, that’s nice 🙂

11:20 am: Someone outside called out, “5 seats for make up”

11:25-11:40 am: Waiting, waiting, still waiting

11:45 am: Finally got to do my hair. Wait, why are you braiding my SHORT HAIR and why are you taking them off and do it again, argh!

12:20 pm: Off you go girl, put on some make up.

12:21 pm: Make-up session – Oh girly, did you put on some cream and vaseline when you hop to bed yesterday? Answer the lady nicely, don’t you panic. In fact, did put on some last night. They just finished working when I woke up. Damn you, lips and face!

12:30 pm: Make-up session in progress – Damn those fine eyebrows! Nah, just brush them and they just looked fannnnntastic.

12:50 pm: Dressing room: Finally can come back and actually sits for a while. Oh, how can I eat my lunch with all that make-up piled on my face?


1:50 pm: Preparation room – I am an experienced performer and I WILL NOT LET A SINGLE BIT OF NERVOUSNESS affect me.

2:05 – 4:00 pm: Everything is a blur. Sophie, Britney and me killed the number “I Believe I Can Fly” and damn you, why the silk dress is so difficult to put on. Thanks Hil and Brit for helping me zip the dress (note to self: lose 20 pounds). Gosh why always stage lights are hot like that, I am literally sweating and I feel like my make up is melting.

4:05 pm: Waiting for Tiffany to take pictures with me. Called her a few times and no response. The ladies are dying to see her (actually it’s just Hilary, Britney and me) Got her finally answer the phone seconds later, that she already gone with her parents, urgh!

4:10 pm: Back to dressing room – more photos.

4:45 pm – 6:25 pm: The 2nd concert – Actually the response this time is a lot inspiring than the first one. Audience actually screams our names from below. Guess it is the true essence of performing, letting yourself out and present the message you want the audience to receive with the fullest.

6:30 pm – 7:00 pm: A lot of my “senpai” come and take pictures. V. excited and grateful.

7:15 pm: Packed and ready to leave with Hil.

8:00 pm: Have surprisingly delicious and reasonable priced Korean food w/ Hilary.

9:00 pm: Going home w/ Hilary by minibus and witnessed a fight between a passenger and the driver. The driver claims it was us chatting that got him distracted and missed the stop. WHAT THE FUCK?

9:30 pm: Fell asleep on the bed.

Well, just realized I have successfully failed at mimicking Bridget’s writing style and the article got too long. Am gonna put the next three items in the next post.

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