Throwback Friday: a little bit of everything

[This post is written under influence, influence of good music]

This is just a life update of little bit of everything.

So, it’s been a while since everything is finished: I just write my updates down in points, don’t have to read long paragraphs. #LOL

1. What’s up:
– I got my rejection letter from the liberal arts college. Turns out no one from Hong Kong got in under the name of “international students”, everyone I know from that school is under the name of “domestic students”, yeah so wtf bleh. Surprising enough, I didn’t cry or acting emotionally when I got it. I just teared it up into pieces and throw them into the bin.

– Future plans: applied to cultural management and filmmaking diploma programs. I will see what the future holds for me.

– Still studying: Yeah, still studying for my exam retake. Please April, just go.

– After exam plans: GET FIT! get back to writing and photography srsly and get a job and saving up for new equipments (Macs, tripod and camera) – 6D vs 5D MKIII, which one’s better?

2. Entertainment:
– Music: Jazz (spec. Miles Davis, Irving Berlin and Cole Porter and Herbie Hancock and many more classics) ; Pop and chill house music: please refer to Spotify playlists.

– Films: Blue Jasmine, Nebraska, The Butler, Capote, Midnight in Paris, 12 Years A Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street and Only Lovers Left Alive (omg the combination of Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt and Jim Jarmusch) Also re-watching The Englishman in New York and My Blueberry Nights

– TV: GLEE, Girls, Elementary and The Simpsons

– YouTube Videos: cooking channels, british and american youtubers and discovering english speaking asian production channels.

– Books: classic and modern literature
(F.S. Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, Helen Fielding, Candace Bushnell etc), Philosophy (Immanuel Kant, Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche etc)

3. Miscellaneous
1. Accident: One evening, I got hit by a greasy rusted pole on a ceiling level height in my kitchen when I am closing my cupboard. It doesn’t matter much if you’re not hit right on the forehead. My forehead (near left eyebrow) is swollen for a whole week. Feeling grateful for I am still alive, can’t imagine the consequences if I got hit right on the HEAD

2. Emotional Breakdown:
So I tried to do a lot of things to avoid a mental breakdown, but when it’s getting uncontrollable, it is uncontrollable. I highly doubted why it is so intense every time, it’s because my emotions deeply resided in my soul have been released.

I was talking with mom and out of nowhere we are arguing something trivial. Things got heated and I stormed back into my room and cried uncontrollably until I fall asleep. The 2nd day, I realized I started my cycle and I am just hormonal

Also, every time when I started writing, I am pushing myself near to the collapse of another mental breakdown. Ironically, I actually quite enjoyed it.

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