Random Stuff #1: Android Kitkat 4.4 OS System

[Disclaimer: I am not a professional technology writer or actually works in the industry. I just updated this on my note 3 for a couple of weeks and I just want to say something about it]

So yeah, I updated my phone and now I am one of them who have to suffered from ultra fast battery draining and have to carry the charger and the cable every time I go out. Good job m8!

It all started one random night, my phone kindly notified me there are an new update available. 4.4 was finally available in my region (oh yeah) and I am super excited to update it (at that moment)

Before I actually clicked the button, I checked out how other’s feedback on Facebook after updating. Everyone was saying things like “everything’s lost” or “I can’t switch on my phone” etc. There are also comments like “The layout is nice…, but the only problem is the battery is draining too fast” As a very excited person so eager to try new things (at that moment), I ignored everything and just go for it.

While I was waiting for it to load, my brain started to replay comments I just read earlier. I prayed secretly inside my head wishing the update will be smooth (fingercrossed) . Luckily,  the whole update process was smooth and I was so happy by the way my phone turns out.

The new layout design was very simple and crisp (I like it soooo much): Transparent status bar and the lock screen will show the album cover of the song you are currently listening to. Also, there were a built in print function in the browser and an instant camera access. Kitkat also offered several updates to functions that I seldom use, so I can’t say much about those. In addition, many apps I used on a daily basis have updated after I changed to Kitkat and everything is so great (at that time)

The problem began to rise (as mentioned earlier ppl in fb said the battery is draining fast), as I realized on a day after I go on a full day outdoor activity with my friends. I charged my phone whole night and the battery drop to 20% in lunchtime. This problem continued on a daily basis, as I now go out on Friday evening to my music lessons (abt seven) and back home abt eleven, my battery have dropped from 100% to less than 20%,

So, lesson learnt: I need to get a mobile charger and extra battery asap.

Style and Interface: 8/10
Battery Life: EPIC FAIL
Functions: 6/10

(Stop whining you idiot! You updated it by your will, deal with it you twat 😎 )

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